AGM 2019

Application form and fees due by 28th August 2019. Please advise is not returning to league in 2019/2020.

Queries raised recently: (Proposed dates for 2019 2020 at end of page)

Queries:Will the new league replace the PTL?At this point – No – the New league does not start until 2020.  We are feeding back to Swim ireland about it, so your views are really important going forward.
Where will the AGM be held?Newry Leisure /Swimming Pool – there will be a meeting room there for us.
What were the final results/movements?Attached the final results.
What are the proposed dates?Swim Ulster have released the calendar, but like last year it is subject to occasional clashes and movements, so please try and hold your matches on the proposed dates, or organise the alternative dates before the start of the season.Please let me know any changes.
Remember that the dates proposed are the dates that clubs should use – they may be changed by AGREEMENT of BOTH clubs.  If a new date cannot be agreed and one of the clubs can use the proposed dates, then they will get the points.
Rules and contentious issues brought to the committee – reminder of the rules that caused contention in 2018 2019 and in previous years?

  1. Agreement of dates – solution – agree BEFORE start of season.
  2. Swimming of coaches in D group – please read the rules – you cannot swim coaches UNLESS there is NO alternative swimmer to either swim up or swim a race.  All points are nulled for a relay when a club chooses to swim a coach and there are swimmers who can either swim up or there are swimmers on deck who are eligible.  That means also that clusb must look to their younger swimmers to swim up rather than swimming parents or coaches.  Please also pre agree these coach/parent swims BEFORE a meet takes place.
  3. When allocating points it is really important to make sure that you confirm dates you CAN swim, so that we are able to judge easily when it comes to clashes, postponements, or using alternative dates.
  4. Please send through your teams to me with their Date of Birth before they are swum, preferably at start of season.
  5. Please send teams through to the other team by the preceding Wednesday, so anomalies might be ironed out before a team arrives.
  6. Clubs are sometimes lenient with rules for younger groups – please confirm whether you will disqualify certain age groups, and whether you will ‘tally’ DQs.
  7. What is tallying DQs?  Some clubs are prone to make note of DQs as they go along, but choose not to actually DQ, then when it comes to the crunch they may DQ – especially when relays break or the wrong stroke is swum – this is not fair to any of the teams – if you choose not to DQ, and then when the points are negligible, you do DQ, it makes it really difficult to make decisions from afar.  Swimmers do not need to know that a team or swimmer has been DQd, until after the racing, but the rules of swimming must be applied consistently and fairly, so we suggest that you apply the rules throughout the meet, send the DQ through to the table, and then points will be sorted accordingly.  If you do not have officials to do that – then you may choose to DQ just the very obvious infractions such as wrong stroke, breaks, two hand touches, swimming two strokes on front in back and so on.  This is usually the role of the referee. Try and have a starter and a referee.  We are seeing some clubs having the role performed by just one person.
  8. Cameras on deck. This is generally a no no, but at the clubs discretion and you must involve the permission of the centre.  Team photos when athletes are clothed is ok.
  9. Averaging of times – please average the times – do not use the slower or the faster times – it is not fair to the swimmers – the template has facility for you to work it all out.
  10. Computers at meets – it is the responsibility of both clubs to have the tools to carry out the logging and averaging of times.  All results must be sent through to me within two weeks.
  11. Cups and trophies will only be available at the end of season finals.

Proposed dates:

28th September – 26th October – 23rd November – 25th January – 8th February

Area Heats 7th March – Finals 28th March