Ulster PTL

Welcome to the home of the Ulster Provincial Town (Swimming) League.

There are currently 5 Divisions with each team in each division competing against the others in a round robin format. The top scoring team in each division can gain promotion to the higher division where appropriate. Similarly, the lowest scoring team in each division at the send of the season can face relegation to a lower tier where appropriate.

Ulster PTL is a team based swimming competition open to all affiliated swimming clubs across the 9 counties of Ulster. The PTL season runs from September to March.

At the end of each season, a finale meet allows for swimmers from previously competing clubs to join forces against other swimmers in a head-to-head style tournament with teams based loosely on their locale within the province.

The focus of Ulster PTL is to provide an introduction to competitive swimming for a wide array of club swimmers, many of whom might not normally swim at other competitive meets. Our aim is to ensure a fun and friendly environment for competition across swimmers from the ages of 9 and up.